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After-sales service. 1 2 3 4 Inspection

A house is a construction which supports and suffers from the passing of time. As a car, or any other device it can be affected and damaged by the passing of time, even by an inappropiate use. So that, it is necessary an appropiate after-sales service of the houses.

Casas inHAUS S.L. takes responsibility for its quality houses. Our point of view is: “our clients illusion and satisfaction before designing their house, during its construction and after living there for years”. We insist on the last part of the sentence, satisfaction after living there for years.

This is the reason why Casas inHAUS S.L. offers an after-sales service, unique in the real-estate market. Our houses are subject to regular inspections during the first 10 years, and they are extendable if the client so desires. It is a novelty, but it is also an obviousness in the Spanish collection of proverbs: “Better safe than sorry”.

In many occasions an inspection on time can prevent further damages. It is also time to meet againg with the technicians of your house, and ask for possible doubts, improvements or changes in your house.

This Casas inHAUS S.L novelty has a double benefit:

  1. The client has greater guarantees and satisfaction, as well as an optimization of the maintenance of the house thanks to our technicians.
  2. The successive inspections of our houses allow us to offer the best quality in materials and finishings, since they have been tested, and allow us a continual improvement process.

1 2 3 4 Inspection

Our houses inspections are carried out by the own Casas InHAUS S.L technicians, in the following dates:

Inspection 1. One year after the finishing of the house.

Inspection 2. Two years after the previous one, that is after three years of use.

Inspection 3. Three years after the previous one, that is after six years of use.