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What does an inHAUS modular house include?

Turnkey service

At inHAUS our added value is the turnkey service we offer in each project. This service goes beyond the simple construction of a home; at inHAUS the project is completed with all the comforts of a home ready to move into. We are creators of future homes that reflect a lifestyle. The dreams and needs of our clients.

This turnkey service that leaves our homes ready to move into, includes a wide range of additional services designed to make the construction process as easy as possible and reduce any inconveniences or problems that may arise. From project management to the management of permits and administrative procedures, inHAUS offers a comprehensive turnkey service, every part of the process is taken care of.

This is why when you choose Casas inHAUS, you not only get a home, but a complete turnkey experience that includes:


Complete construction of the house

At inHAUS we build the complete house, from the foundations to the implementation on the plot requested by the client. To do this, we design the project taking into account all the needs and tastes of our clients, which is why each house we build manages to have a personalised essence. In addition, we also have a catalogue of 111 models of modular houses, which can serve as inspiration and guidance for our customers.


Project management

Each project we are committed to has a director and a team of professionals dedicated to it. In project management, they are in charge of carrying out the Basic and Execution project, providing virtual images so that clients have access to the state of their home at all times. In addition, as an option, we also offer interior design and landscaping project management, to achieve a design house in all its aspects, both interior and exterior, a house with 360º avant-garde architecture.


Specialised technicians

We have a team of experts including architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, quantity surveyors and topographers. Professionals dedicated to each project, working closely with suppliers and clients.


Geotechnical and topographical studies

Before starting any construction project, we carry out comprehensive geotechnical and topographical surveys. These studies allow us to better understand the ground on which the modular home will be built, ensuring a solid foundation and a safe and durable construction.


Quality control of the execution

Quality is our top priority at inHAUS. We perform rigorous quality controls at every stage of the construction process, from the selection of materials to the final installation. We ensure that every detail is handled with care and precision, guaranteeing a final result that meets and even exceeds the expectations of the future owners of the house.


Building insurance

At inHAUS we are also committed to peace of mind and transparency. We ensure that every project is fully covered by comprehensive building insurance, giving our clients the confidence that their investment is protected at all times.


Foundations prior to the installation of the modules

Prior to the installation of the modules of each modular home, we ensure that the foundation is solidly built on flat ground of normal consistency.


Water, electricity, sewerage and telecommunications connections (5m)

In order to ensure that all the installations are ready to receive the house when it is installed, we include the installation of connections from the front of the house up to a distance of 5 metres.

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Health and safety compliance studies and monitoring

A key element of our turnkey service is our in-process control. This control is made possible by factory-controlled construction.


Administrative formalities

We include in this service all the necessary administrative procedures for the project, from obtaining municipal permits to the documentation for bank financing. Even the registration of utilities and documentation for registers and notary’s office. We are committed to ensuring smooth and hassle-free processes, without the stress that the construction of a home generates for our clients.


Specialised transport

Our construction system allows us to manufacture 95% of the house more efficiently in our factory, therefore, our turnkey service includes the transport of the house (up to a maximum distance of 400 km by land) and the implementation of this on the requested land. A safe and rigorous transport that maintains the quality of all the materials and of the house in general, allowing us to leave it ready in record time: just one day.


Quality equipment

The turnkey service includes top quality equipment in the home that allows you to move in once it is installed. Amongst these fittings we highlight: fitted wardrobes, complete kitchens with their interior design, furniture and electrical appliances; bathrooms complete with furniture, sanitary ware and taps.


State-of-the-art facilities

An inHAUS modular home is not only architecturally avant-garde, but also technologically advanced. We ensure that all installations, from electricity to LED lighting, heating and air conditioning, are equipped with the most modern and efficient systems available. We also offer options such as home automation, ventilation systems and indoor air quality to make the home functional and modern.



To complete the experience we offer the possibility of including works on the plot such as swimming pools, fencing, outdoor lighting… In this way we achieve that the house blends in with the surroundings and is truly spectacular and one more part of the landscape.

In addition, there is also the possibility of incorporating an interior design project for all the rooms in the house. A connection between spaces, landscape and lighting that turns the house into a designer home that follows the latest trends.

Interiorismo entrada y acceso a casa de lujo modular
Diseño cocina casa de lujo modular
Interiorismo habitación casa de lujo modular

Our cutting-edge architectural designs are the result of a combination of innovation, functionality and aesthetics. Hand in hand with a construction system that allows us to design and build our modular homes in just 5 months, with the best premium qualities in materials and installations. Using recognised brands that are committed to excellence. Every project we undertake is an opportunity for us to create something unique and extraordinary, and we are committed to accompanying you every step of the way.

What an inHAUS modular home includes. A commitment to offer you a complete and carefree experience in the construction of your new home. From architectural design to final installation, we ensure that every detail is taken care of with the highest quality and attention to detail.

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