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Custom-built modular house in San Cugat

An industrialised house where wrought iron and porches are key.

Fachada vista exterior casa modular a medida en Barcelona, España.

This custom-designed modular house in San Cugat has a total of 425 m² distributed over two floors. An industrialised house based on luxury and with an oriental minimalist style, highlighting its warm materials and technological wood.

The concept of this industrialised house arose from adapting one of our catalogue modular houses: the Calpe model, to an aesthetic and façade that could be adapted to the land the clients had available.

The owners wanted a house with an L-shaped floor plan, but the topography of their land did not allow it. For this reason it was decided to imitate the aesthetics of the Calpe model, but built with a linear structure. To emphasise this structure and mark the aesthetics of the modular house, pronounced slabs are used.


Custom-built modular house
in San Cugat, Barcelona.

Fachada ventilada vista al exterior casa modular de lujo a medida en San Cugat Barcelona
Chill-out exterior con piscina en casa modular a medida en San Cugat Barcelona
Escaleras voladas en centro del salón de casa modular de lujo en San Cugat
Salón con chimenea en casa modular a medida en San Cugat

Custom-built modular house in San Cugat, design and elegance

The exterior of the prefabricated house consists of a Chill Out area with a garden and a swimming pool. The porches also play a crucial role in the integration of the house with the landscape, sharing space with trees and garden, while creating a play of light and shade that expands the landscape and the outdoor space. In addition, there are two entrances to the house, the main entrance with a pivoting door and another entrance through the garage.

Once inside the modular home we find an open-plan living-dining room. These two spaces are minimally divided by a fireplace placed in the centre of the living room.

For the clients, the feeling of spaciousness in the house is of vital importance as their previous residences had more space than the current plot.

We can also find two offices, 2 bathrooms and a toilet, as well as a laundry room adapted in case in the future the house is rented to be able to replace this laundry room by a service room.


A sophisticated interior for a custom-built modular home

The interior design of this industrialised house blends in with the surroundings of the plot on which it will be built. This is why in all the spaces, even the most intimate ones, the large windows and skylights are key elements.

As we can see, the bathroom is composed of a freestanding bathtub, an open-plan shower tray and a skylight that brings totally natural light into the space, providing a union between landscape and interior design, as well as a greater flow of light into the spaces.

The kitchen enjoys wide views of the exterior thanks to a large panoramic window. This element, in addition to filling this essential space with natural light, gives it an outstanding importance.


The customisation of an inHAUS modular home

Customised design

The design of this prefabricated house in Barcelona reflects the owners’ desire for personalisation. The layout of this detached house has a linear aesthetic. To emphasise this aesthetic, the floor slabs are a crucial element, adding volume to the façade of the house.

The diversity of materials used on the facades blends harmoniously with the landscape and the interior design of the house. The ceramic cladding and the use of technological wood stand out, without detracting from the importance of other decorative structural elements such as the pillars.

Planimetry and layout

Custom-built modular house in San Cugat

The realisation of this project went through different phases. Firstly, one of the models in our catalogue of 111 modular houses, the Calpe model, was used as a starting point. This design is made up of an L-shaped floor plan, but due to the characteristics of the client’s plot, a linear structure was designed to make the most of the land. This structure, together with the slabs of the façade and the porches, provide volume to the house, unifying its characteristics with the surrounding environment.

First floor
Planta primera casa modular a medida en San Cugat Barcelona
Ground floor
Planta baja casa modular a medida en San Cugat Barcelona

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