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in & go! your pret a porter houses

Casas inhaus has guarantee and commitment of quality, prices and terms. They are “ready to go” houses, they are “pret a porter houses”. Thanks to our management system and pre-design allows us to work with prices and closed deadlines. Casas inhaus works with the concept “in & go!”.

“In & go!” means “come and go!!!”. It’s more than your turnkey home. It is care and attention in every detail, in every house, in every process. We want to create your home and we want you to see it from the first day. We work constantly to offer you the best quality, and the greatest ease and simplicity. You just have to choose your house, enter and go! In & go!

Our guarantee includes periodic reviews, this is the way to tell you that we build houses of the highest quality, and that we care about you and them over time. Our after-sales department will ensure proper maintenance. Casas inhaus also offers you financing even thanks to an agreement with banking entities, which see feasible to finance a product and a service so well finished as the one supplied by Casas inhaus.

construccion tradicional

Once you have the plot, you need a project to be able to budget the work of your house. For this, you look for several architects to make a blueprint that fits your needs, to know the budget, and choose one of them. It may take between four and twelve weeks to complete this phase.
/time elapsed: eight weeks, two months/


In order to carry out the project, the architect will ask you to hire several more professionals, such as: a surveyor who does a survey of the plot, a geologist who carries out a geotechnical study. On the other hand, once the project has been completed, you will have to choose the rigger (who performs the execution of the works) and the builder among several offers. The latter one will give you a final price of the work that it fits your needs and you can request the necessary financing.

Removing the selection of the Builder and the Rigger that we can overlap with the obtaining of the works license, both the architect who carries out the project and the rest of the professionals who complete it can take between ten and fourteen weeks to complete the execution project .

/ time spent: twenty weeks, five months /


Once the architect gives you the project of material execution, it is your obligation to present it and request the license of works in the town hall where the plot is located. For this, it will be necessary that you pay the prescriptive management fees and the so-called ICIO (tax on buildings, installations and works). The time it takes the public administration to grant the works license is unpredictable, on average we would be talking about twelve weeks. In parallel to the process of the town hall you will select the builder and adjust the project, in case it does not suit your needs, so you will have to meet several times with the architect and the builder until the house you want and the price of the that is balanced.

/time elapsed: thirty-two weeks, eight months/


Once the city council grants the building license, the construction of your house starts.

It is not mandatory the case of self-promotion, but it is very advisable that you take out a civil liability insurance to cover possible damages caused by all the aforementioned agents, in the case that any of them could not take over the repairs.

The control of quality and guarantees of the constructive elements are of obligatory fulfillment. Thus, you will have to look for a company that carries out the corresponding tests.

The start of the works usually takes about four weeks until the builder contracts all the services and organizes the same. The time of construction of a single-family home can be dated between eight and fifteen months, which gives an average of forty-six weeks.

/elapsed time: eighty weeks, one year and eight months/


with our in & go service! your house ready to go

your pret a porter house

casas pret a porter


Imagine the house of your dreams… with swimming pool and porches, with lots of light, a loft, in the countryside, duplex, urban… in inHaus we have created one for you. Enter and choose yours. In the initial phase of the project you can customize your new home with hundreds of combinations of finishes and accessories to adapt to the lifestyle of your family.

/ time elapsed: a week/


In the eagerness of the company inHAUS to guarantee the whole process and to provide our clients with access to their home, has agreed to special financing conditions and preferential treatment to our customers with Banco Sabadell. With the viability service inhaus, you will carry out a joint study with Banco Sabadell, so that you will be able to know the financing conditions of your inHAUS home from the beginning, depending on the model and qualities.

/time elapsed: four weeks, one month/


Presentation of basic project and execution in official school for visa and subsequent application for a town hall license. Geotechnical testing, formalization of insurance contracts, notification to the technical control agency, quality control, and other intervenors in the construction process to maintain the maximum degree of quality and guarantees of inHaus houses.

/ time elapsed: sixteen weeks, four months /


With the granting of the license we start the work with weekly control visits by the technical specialists of inHaus. Our clients receive periodic report and they are invited to the work at least once a month. Once the work is finished, an external certifier performs an exhaustive inspection with the approval of the client according to qualities. Then, the keys will be delivered. Our inHaus house becomes yours. The period in which our houses become alive and warm begin. This is the period for which an entire brand works.

/time elapsed sixty-four weeks, one year and four months /