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Modular luxury house in Maresme

A prefabricated house with cantilevered roofs that overcome the slope of the land.

Fachada casa modular de lujo con voladizos en Maresme

Custom-designed luxury modular house in Maresme that stands out for its structure with cantilevers, the play of volumetry and the porches that are created.


A two-storey modular house in the shape of an L, made to measure in Mediterranean style. A prefabricated house that adapts to the unevenness of the terrain thanks to the union of two independent spaces visually connected by a cantilever.


Cantilever is located in what apparently looks like the garage, but is actually a study, and connects it with the rest of the house.


The route from the entrance of the house follows a gradual upward slope. It is accessed from a lower level and gradually ascends as one enters the residence. The steep slope of the terrain has been easily overcome thanks to inHAUS’s experience with steep slopes, where the verticality is exploited and adapted to the obliquity of the surroundings.


Prefabricated house with
connected cantilevers

Casa modular de lujo con voladizos en Maresme
Casa modular de lujo con voladizos en Maresme entrada y acceso
Casa modular de lujo en Maresme voladizo principal
Fachada casa modular de lujo con voladizos en Maresme
Casa modular de lujo en Maresme entrada ascendente

Luxury modular house in Maresme, design and elegance

A fully equipped work area which is located on the lower floor of the structure, is considerate as a studio. This space is presented as an independent volume, visually separated from the main structure of the building. An annex to the main block that forms the prefabricated house, but visually united.

However, its design achieves a harmonious integration with the imposing eaves of the house, creating an appearance of fusion between both elements.

In addition, we can highlight the presence of overhangs throughout the architectural design of the house, which manage to create several porches to take advantage of the amount of outdoor space on the plot.

These overhangs together with the use of the lateral volumetry, forming successive “L” on its façade, make it a house with more dynamism, while at the same time redirecting natural light and integrating it with the landscape. An essential desire of our clients was for the house to have a fluid connection between the interior and the exterior, which is why we worked in depth on the play of light and the large oriented windows.

Casa modular de lujo en Maresme con voladizos puerta de acceso

A sophisticated interior for a modular house with overhangs

This high-end modular home features details in several corners that add a touch of distinction. One of them is a double-sided fireplace in the living room, which opens onto the kitchen.

The kitchen enjoys extensive views to the outside thanks to a large panoramic window. This element not only fills this essential space with natural light, but also gives it a prominent importance.

This modular home incorporates the contemporary needs of modern living. The growing demand for work areas in the home, integrated into the main areas or in separate structures.

Inside, we can see how design elements, such as coffered ceilings and floor-to-ceiling doors, stand out. The owners of this industrialised house wanted to take care of the smallest detail in the design of their home and at inHAUS we got involved to the maximum so that the design was up to the mark.

Casa modular de lujo en Maresme con voladizos habitación individual
Casa modular de lujo en Maresme con voladizos escaleras voladas
Casa modular de lujo en Maresme con voladizos cocina de alta gama
Baño de lujo en casa modular Maresme con voladizos
On-site assembly

The modules of this high-end prefabricated house travelled by lorry to Barcelona.

This customised residence, designed by inHAUS, was initially based on the Punta Umbría model but has undergone several significant modifications. The installation of the five modules and the canopy of this home was completed in just half a day. The slope of the site was tackled without difficulty thanks to the expertise of the inHAUS installation team.

Design and concept

Luxury modular house with overhangs in Barcelona


The customisation of an inHAUS modular home

Customised design

The design of this prefabricated house in Barcelona reflects the owners’ desire for personalisation. The layout of this detached house clearly forms an L-shape, one of the favourite options for the most demanding clients in design. It provides wide views towards the best orientations, while maintaining optimal coverage and privacy.

The diversity of materials used in the facades is harmoniously combined. Ceramic cladding and single-layer mortar finishes stand out, which coexist in perfect harmony with the technological woods, without detracting from the importance of other elements of the structure.

Planimetry and layout

Luxury prefabricated house in Maresme

The realisation of this project went through different phases. At first, a house was designed and planned for a specific plot of land, which in the end was not the final destination of the house. For this reason, the project had to be adapted to the new plot on which it was to be built. In the end, we opted for the design of this modular house on two floors, with two divided areas visually linked by means of cantilevers.
First floor
Ground floor

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