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One Day

‘One Day Project’ is the inHAUS response to the urban, intense, and sometimes accelerated pace of life, which force us to be highly decisive to respond to everything: family, work, friends, free time, …

From inHAUS architecture we look for a logical and functional response to this lifestyle. The maximum work in quality and versatility in the spaces to adapt to the needs of life with special attention to the minimalist design; and all these as soon as possible.


We know that time is money, so that the philosophy “one day project” comes up. We invite you to a working day with a complete, exclusive and intense programme for the most interesting housing projects. In just 24 hours you may see your customized housing project.

Once a month we organize “one day project” providing the selected project with a team of four architects (managing arquitect, project manager, ideational architect, developmental architect) a building engineer and an interior designer. All of them are experts in design and architecture, highly qualified to find the best solution for your house in just one day.


The house of your dreams in just 24 hours

Tell us about your needs, your budget, your plot and your own style.
We respond with a great team for the perfect project.



All inHAUS houses are 100% manufactured in the province of Valencia, with the typical quality controls and finishings of a factory. The houses are completely finished and tested, ready to move into.

Welcome to our world ‘One Day Project’

If your project is chosen, you will enjoy a unique architectural experience for free.



20.00 – Check-in at the Hotel + Welcome Pack inHAUS.

20.30 – Dinner at Hotel. Presentations and first contact.


8.30 – Breakfast at Hotel.

9.00 – Meeting in our inHAUS LAB. Presentation of the first round of ideas for your housing project and debate of them.

10.00 – Mid-morning snack

11.00 – Meeting in offices. Presentation of the second project proposal in your plot and debate of them.

13.30 – Lunch

15.00 – Presentation of the third project proposal and debate of them.

17.00 – Visit to our factory facilities inHAUS-LAB.

19.00 – Meeting in inHAUS-LAB. Presentation of the third project proposal applying all the modi-fications, ideas and comments treated throughout the day.


Send via e-mail defined plans of the 5th updated housing proposal and economic valua-tion of the final proposal made.




You want to have your inHAUS prefabricated house for the next 6- 9 months.


BUDGET OVER € 400,000

You have financing of over € 400,000 to carry out the total and integral project of your home.



You are looking for a unique, effective, simple and complete experience to have your house 100% equipped. With furniture, decoration, swimming pool, landscaping, fences, etc… all in charge of Casas inHAUS.



You already have a piece of land that you can work on.


“One Day Project” is designed for those who are looking for a special design, adapted, in record time, and that covers all their needs.

We select, among all the registered ones, the most interesting architecture projects to par-ticipate in this exclusive experience.


We build differently, that’s why inHAUS creates the ‘One Day Project’ experience. The ob-jective is to offer an exclusive service to the best projects that present candidacy. Tell us your needs and in 24h we will take you to the house of your dreams.


Wide and spacious grounds will be selected, starting from 800m2, located in the main res-idential areas of Spain to build high quality, spacious and minimalist houses with a high design component.


We choose carefully the plot on which we are going to work. To be able to work with a wide range of options it is very important to know the land conditions. It is essential that the plot is buildable. In addition, the wider and flatter the land is, the more versatile we can give the house.


If you value the quality of the lived space, the versatility, you like the design without ne-glecting its function and you feel passion for details… this is your place. We are specialized in creating “bespoke” homes from 200-250m2.


The cost of a “One Day Project” session is
€ 3.500
It includes the five proposals and/or modifications of the project,
all the technicians at your disposal during the 24h program,
diets, accommodation, and internal trips in Valencia.



    Personal info

  • Plot data

  • Global measures and qualities

  • Description

    Describe how your ideal home would be, in colors, shapes, orientations, etc .. so that our creation department can develop the best idea for your home.
  • Why is your project special

    One Day is exclusive and is done only once each month. Briefly describe the most interesting points of your project for which you should be chosen for our One Day Project. Take advantage of this unique architectural experience. Tell us about you, your ideal house, and your plot.
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