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What is quiet luxury? A new trend in luxury homes

A different view of luxury design houses

Casas modulares inHAUS: modelo Marratxí

In the frenetic world in which we live, where noise and excess seem to be the norm, there is an emerging trend in Spain that seeks serenity and elegance in simplicity: silent luxury. At Casas inHAUS, we understand that true luxury is not found in ostentatious excess, but in the quality, comfort and harmony that come with carefully selected details and finishes.

That is why, silent luxury consists of fleeing from excess and ostentation, opting for spaces that combine sophistication, elegance and comfort. To achieve this, using materials and elements of the highest performance and subtle at the same time. Both inside and outside luxury homes.

El lujo silencioso, una tendencia en las casas de lujo

Quiet luxury in interior design

This trend, silent luxury, seeks to transmit tranquillity and reflect the sophistication of each space that luxury homes possess. That is why this trend is based on creating environments that convey simplicity, functionality, natural fluidity, cleanliness, calm and above all quality (discreet). Prioritising quality over quantity. Every detail and material is chosen according to the coherence with the rest of the spaces.

With regard to the interior design, the emphasis is on open-plan, clean, spacious spaces that transmit continuity in the home. With elements such as high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling doors, coffered ceilings, among other elements that, although they sometimes go unnoticed, are key to the design of a luxury home.

Within each space there is a trend towards materials with neutral colours and imitation of natural elements, functional designer furniture and textures. There may even be recognised works of art or furniture from well-known brands in the luxury sector.

Tendencia lujo silencioso. Puerta e interiorismo con madera y piedras
Lujo silencioso. Interiorismo habitación casa de lujo modular con madera tecnológica

Quiet luxury. Indoor and outdoor connection

In reference to silent luxury, it is necessary to highlight the importance of the connection between the interior of the spaces and the exterior environment of the house. For this it is essential to merge the architectural design with the interior design work of each home. Since the important thing in this trend is the detail, in the exterior spaces it will be reflected through simple and clean lines, neutral, technological materials that imitate natural elements, such as stone and wood.

As for the interior, we will find the presence of exterior elements of nature that connect the interior spaces with the environment of the house at a higher level. This is why biophilic designs (where nature is distributed inside the house in a casual way), interior courtyards, skylights and English courtyards are increasingly in demand. In the design of courtyards, gardens, outdoor areas, porches and landscaping, the aesthetics are carefully designed in detail and coherent with the style of the house, with vegetation that provides “calm and privacy”. 

These elements allow the house, in the centre for example, to have a space dedicated to nature that reminds us of the outdoor environment where the house is located. Allowing from most of the spaces of the house a connection with the outside. Sometimes even with elements such as chill-out areas or outdoor showers.
In the same way that it is essential to study the lighting. The play of light and shadow is a key element in silent luxury, providing volumes, depth, continuity in the spaces and naturalness.

inHAUS has a catalogue of 111 modular luxury homes, where we include new models that stand out for the presence of silent luxury. Luxury homes with interior courtyards, porches, facades with stone and technological wood and interior design that is differentiated by natural elements, textures and materials.

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