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IV inHAUS LAB International Competition – ‘Design your modular house’

Rules of the IV Contest for Students and Recent Graduates

The IV inHAUS LAB ‘Design your modular home’ competition reaches its fourth edition. After three highly successful editions and with a very high level among the participants, the leading firm in the premium modular housing sector is once again launching a new challenge to architecture students and recent graduates.

The high quality of the projects received from all over the world and the commitment of the applicants to understand and apply a modular construction system to the design of a single-family home has reinforced the idea of re-launching this competition.

Students and young professionals from multiple disciplines from all over the world have contributed their point of view on single-family housing in recent years, combining it with a way of building that marks the present and future of architecture.

In this edition, new sponsors and patrons have joined the competition. In addition, the jury has a more international character, in line with the firm’s international growth. Their participation is essential for the incorporation of the best candidate projects in the inHAUS catalogue of model homes.

The main objective of the inHAUS LAB ‘Design your modular home’ competition is to promote creativity and innovation in architecture. As part of our mission to disseminate modular design and construction, it seeks to promote new ways of understanding and practising architecture among students and recent graduates of architecture schools and other related disciplines. The competition will reward candidates who excel in their creativity in the search for new modular housing solutions.

Casas inHAUS defends two fundamental principles in professional practice: innovation and creativity. But always linked to the highest construction quality, the optimisation of processes and the improvement of people’s living spaces.

In this new edition, we have managed to bring together a jury of a high level and more than recognised national and international prestige. As usual, they represent the disciplines of architecture and design and are sources of inspiration for the participants.

We also count on the collaboration of our suppliers in the form of sponsorships: Porcelanosa Grupo, K-Line, BC3, Nuovvo, Saloni, Jung, Aislagan and ATSA.

New this year is the Porcelanosa Award for Best Kitchen Design worth €500.


The aim of the competition is to propose a modular concrete house that meets the specifications and provides a technical and formal response to the requirements set out in the competition rules.

The jury’s selection of the best architectural proposals will be included in the inHAUS NEW TALENTS HOUSES COLLECTION (in Spanish only). The models will be produced as many times as customers demand. In return, the winners of the competition will receive royalties for the design.

All the designs submitted have the option of becoming part of the inHAUS Catalogue, such as the Salou, Pedrera and Villalbilla models, winners of the 2019-2020 edition. As previously happened with the modelo Colmenarejo, modelo Bunyola and modelo Benicàssim,  winners of the previous editions.

The competition proposal thus becomes an incentive for young people. It aims to position itself as a support for starting a professional career and, at the same time, to disseminate new construction techniques, encourage creativity, achieve more with less and promote industrialised modular architecture as the best option in terms of both construction quality and design.


Who can apply?

The competition is open to:

  • All students enrolled in the 2022-23 academic year in Architecture or any other discipline related to the sector (Engineering, Design, Interior Design, Decoration…) at any university or college.
  • Recent graduates, who have completed their studies from 2018 onwards, whether they are studying Architecture or any other discipline related to the sector (engineering, design, interior design, decoration…) at an international level.

Participation may be individual or in the form of multidisciplinary teams. Each student may only be part of one team and each entrant or team may submit a maximum of two proposals, either as a group or individually. Each proposal must have its own participation code.

Participation in groups is limited to 5 people per group.

Project requirements

Interested contestants can find the Briefing here.

Requested documents.

The delivery format will be the A1 horizontal template provided by Casas inHAUS in the registration confirmation email, in two formats:

  • High resolution PDF for the study and evaluation of the jury.
  • JPG at 72 dpi resolution and maximum file size of 5MB for the on-line voting platform.

The content of both files must be identical and must be named as follows: Participant code_Project title (The participant code has been sent in the registration confirmation e-mail).

Each proposal should contain:

  • Plans in 1/100 scale
  • Elevations and significant sections in 1/100 scale
  • Infographic/s
  • Brief description of the Project
  • 3D view of the kitchen specifying the materials used from the Porcelanosa Grupo brand and colours of the proposal.

The documentation must be uploaded online to the platform provided for this purpose, before the date indicated in the calendar of deadlines or, in the absence of the platform, on the mail concurso@casasinhaus.com.

In order to take part in the competition, participants must register through this website and pay the entry fee using the different options available.

Participant Code

The designs that do not arrive with the Participant Code given by Casas inHAUS will be excluded from the IV inHAUS LAB International Competition ‘Design your modular home’.

Likewise, projects that arrive with a number that does not exist in the Casas inHAUS database will be excluded.

It will also be a reason for exclusion to include any personal data in the documentation submitted in the competition.

All material submitted must be referenced with the participant code that has been assigned to each participant or team.

Reception of the Works

Until the date indicated in the chronogram you can register through the web, get your participant number and send it to concurso@casasinhaus.com or upload to the platform enabled for this purpose, in PDF and JPG format, the panels with the graphic and written information indicated above.

Exhibition and publication

Once the deadline for participation has expired, all the proposals received will be uploaded to the voting section and the on-line voting period will begin. Once the votes are closed and the jury has decided, each of the winning projects will be published in this same section.


Queries may be sent by e-mail to concurso@casasinhaus.com. Requests will be answered by the competition secretariat as soon as possible.

The generated list of these questions and answers will be published in the FAQ section on this website. In addition, this list together with the complete rules of the competition will be provided to the members of the jury for their proper consideration.


The registration to participate in the competition is completed after filling in the application form and making the corresponding payment according to the date of registration. Once this has been done, we will send you an e-mail with the registration confirmation and the Participant Code to the e-mail address you have provided.

For each project submitted, the participant must receive a Participant Code. A maximum of two Participant Codes can be requested per person, either in group or individual mode. In this case, 2 registrations must be made and paid for..


The jury will be made up of a group of architects and professionals with experience in the world of modular architecture. The composition of the Jury is specified in the tab Jury.


In addition, there will be a popular vote on the submitted projects. For this purpose, a voting platform has been set up where we will publish all the projects received. To view the works and to be able to vote, you need to become a Facebook fan of Casas modulares inHAUS and follower of our Instagram Casas inHAUS.


This year we have among the sponsors of the IV inHAUS LAB Competition some of the most outstanding companies in materials, equipment and furniture suppliers at an international level.


K-Line is a benchmark in the manufacture of aluminium joinery, not only for its state-of-the-art production technology, but also for its continuous innovation and the quality of its design. In addition to being a regular sponsor of the inHAUS LAB Competition, it is our supplier for aluminium joinery.


The firm Saloni, manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain products, has been in production for over fifty years. Innovative and top quality products set the company apart in the sector of wall and floor coverings. In addition to being one of the best inter-suppliers of inHAUS, it joins the family of sponsors of the inHAUS LAB Competition.


BC3 is a corporation with a vocation of leadership within the home furniture manufacturing sector, and more specifically specialised in kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom furniture. It is our main supplier for the wardrobes and kitchens in our homes, as well as being one of the regular sponsors of the inHAUS LAB Competition.


One of the main sponsors of the inHAUS LAB Competition in recent editions, returning in this edition extends its commitment as a leading company in the sector with Young designers and architects. Its designs in shower and bathroom equipment stand out. One of the reference firms in the inHAUS houses.


A company that combines design and technology in each of the wide range of products offered to its customers. This year it is once again sponsoring the inHAUS LAB Competition. Moreover, it is the main supplier of electrical mechanisms for the homes built by inHAUS. 

Porcelanosa Grupo

After being represented in the previous edition as a member of the jury, in this edition it becomes the main sponsor and awards the Porcelanosa Spatial Award for Best Kitchen Design. Porcelanosa is a Spanish business group specialising in the manufacture and marketing of ceramic and natural floor and wall tiles, façades, new generation surfaces, kitchen furniture, sanitary ware, taps, bathroom accessories and installation, environmental and sustainability solutions. Following the principles of functionality and elegance, Porcelanosa Grupo’s kitchen furniture combines avant-garde and comfort in each of its pieces.

Patrocinadores concurso inHAUS Lab para Estudiantes

We also have the collaboration of companies that work with Casas inHAUS for the development of their homes, such as Transportes ATSA and Aislagan.

Aislagan, a leading company in the field of sprayed polyurethane foam and flame retardant paints is part of our premium quality housing manufacturing process and is part of the sponsorship of the inHAUS LAB Competition.

The transport company ATSA has managed to become the main reference for the special transport of modular homes in Spain. It is one of the most important partners of the firm inHAUS, as it provides a total guarantee in the logistics of moving the houses to their final location.


The following prizes will be awarded to the proposals that best respond to the object of the competition:

  • First prize (category Up to 200 m2)

2,000 € + Publication on the Casas inHAUS website + royalties of 2% of the sales of the winning design for the first five years.

  • First prize (category Up to 200 m2)

2,000 € + Publication on the Casas inHAUS website + royalties of 2% of the sales of the winning design for the first five years.

  • First prize (category From 200 to 350 m2)

2,000 € + Publication on the Casas inHAUS website + royalties of 2% of the sales of the winning design for the first five years.

  • First prize (category More than 350 m2)

2,000 € + Publication on the Casas inHAUS website + royalties of 2% of the sales of the winning design for the first five years.

  • Porcelanosa Award for the best kitchen

A special prize of €500 will be awarded to the entry chosen by the jury for the design of the kitchen. Regardless of whether or not it has been awarded in any of the other categories.

  • Audience Special Award – inHAUS

Special recognition, consisting of €500, will be awarded to the entry that receives the most votes from the platform’s users and has not been awarded in another category. Only the first ten votes cast per IP address will be counted in the online voting.

  • 4 Honourable mentions

Four finalists will be selected with the most interesting proposals in terms of architectural quality, which have not obtained any of the previous awards.


Deadlines for registration

Until 30 November 2022 – Early bird registration fee 29 €.

(early bird registration deadline extended to 15 December)

From 15 December to 21 January 2023 – Registration fee 39 €.

From 22 January to 13 March 2023 – Late registration fee €49
(registration deadline extended to 13 April: 23:59 h, GMT+2)

Deadline for submitting proposals

  • 13 April 2023.

Publication of online voting platform

  • 20 April 2023.

Online voting period

  • From 21 April to 21 May 2023.

Deliberation of the professional jury and publication of all winners:

  • End of May 2023.

Publication of winners:

  • The official announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony will take place in one of the Porcelanosa stores in Valencia on June 29. The winners will be notified in advance to organize the awards ceremony.



PDF version of the rules and conditions 


Questions may be submitted until 13 April 2023 by e-mail to concurso@casasinhaus.com and will be answered by the Competition Secretariat as soon as possible. The list of these questions and answers will be published in the FAQ section of this page.

This list, together with the complete rules of the competition, will also be provided to the members of the Jury for their proper consideration.


Results of the Competition

The prizes may be declared void if the majority of the members of the Professional Jury deem it necessary. Only the first ten votes cast per IP address will be counted in the online voting.

The result of the competition will be communicated to the winners after the jury has signed the minutes of this year’s edition.


All projects submitted will remain the property of Casas inHAUS SLU, who will pay the designers the corresponding royalties in accordance with the company’s internal rules.

The winning projects of the first prizes will also remain the property of Casas inHAUS SLU, without this committing Casas inHAUS SLU to the production of the design.

Casas inHAUS SLU may also advertise them as it sees fit, as long as it is in reference to the competition.

By submitting designs to the competition, participants guarantee that they will not provide materials that infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, and therefore absolutely release Casas inHAUS SLU from any liability arising from any breach of any rule or infringement of third party rights by the participants, who assume the obligation to hold Casas inHAUS SLU harmless from any liability in such a case.

The participants in the competition grant Casas inHAUS SLU the rights of exploitation of the images submitted, including the rights of use, dissemination, distribution, exhibition, public communication, disclosure and reproduction via the Internet or any other audiovisual media, display or exhibition, of the designs submitted to the competition.

Responsibility for design authorship

Participants shall be responsible for any claims by third parties that may arise in relation to the authorship of the design submitted.

Amendment of the rules

Casas inHAUS SLU reserves the right to modify any point of these rules, as well as the dates and location of the prize-giving ceremony or the deadline for submitting entries.

In the event of any modification, Casas inHAUS SLU will proceed to communicate the new date and location of the prize-giving ceremony to the media and to the contestants as soon as possible and as it considers best to ensure its correct dissemination.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions

Participation in the IV inHAUS LAB ‘Design your modular home’ competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

In the event of non-compliance with any of these rules, the design will be excluded from the competition.

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